NNabla package installation using PIP

Note: please refer to the OS specific workflows for the OS specific dependencies setup.

Install NNabla package via pip:

pip install nnabla

Note: If you want to make sure the latest version will be installed, try to uninstall previously installed one with pip uninstall -y nnabla beforehand.

Then, check if it works by running:

python -c "import nnabla"
2018-06-26 15:20:16,759 [nnabla][INFO]: Initializing CPU extension...

NNabla CUDA extension package installation

See NNabla CUDA extension package installation using PIP.

Run an Example

Get the examples (, and unzip) or clone NNabla Examples repository, and go to the MNIST folder.

cd nnabla-examples/image-classification/mnist-collection/

Run MNIST classification.

python classification.py

Run MNIST classification with CUDA/cuDNN.

python classification.py -c cudnn