Python Package Installation

There are three ways to install NNabla Python package.

How to setup environment including CUDA/cudNN, and how to install for each OS, please refer to this site.

Install with pip command

The NNabla python packages are hosted on PYPI for many platforms. For people who are familiar with Python and its package management system pip (and optionally CUDA, but recommended), the following pip installation guide will be satisfactory when you install NNabla Python. To see the a bit more detailed OS specific setup guide, go to the next section.

OS specific workflows

Install NNabla package compatible with Multi-GPU execution

To enable multi-GPU execution such as distributed training on NNabla, you have to install a special edition of NNabla package. See Installation with Multi-GPU supported for installation.

Install from source

Documentation of build from source has been moved to Github repository (build or build_distributed).

Running on Docker